Our very own...



We're delighted to announce that we are friends with a celebrity! (Sort of!) And we are delighted to announce it with creepily similar tweets! One of our co-workers was named Best Local Poet by The Pitch, Kansas City's alternative art, culture, and entertainment news outlet. Barbara Varanka is a talented gal, and we're very proud of her creative work.

Like Caravaggio’s Judith, you are the bright gash and the sword, the wine and fig divided.

Barbara Varanka, 2011

On another note, we sometimes think of Babs as our secret intelligence agent. Before she came to work at the library, Barbara taught English composition to college students. She provides valuable insight about what's important to the instructors we work with, what they already know (or don't) about library research themselves, and how they want their students to use what they learn from the library. We're planning to feature guest posts from Barbara about transitioning from one side of the information literacy equation to the other. Do you have questions you've always wanted to ask the instructors you work with? Burning questions about why they do the things they do, how their brains work? Lay 'em on us on the comments!