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Here’s a GREAT big idea: hire me!

I’m Dani Wellemeyer! An information + communication professional with zero chill, making friends across the heartland.

I care about working on things until they’re excellent, positive experiences for users, carefully written and fastidiously edited writing, learning every day and researching things for fun, talking to people, very very very good coffee, and smashing the patriarchy.

Right now I…

  • Work in an academic library, helping the library find ways to engage with students

  • Really love reading what my public library calls “Intergalactic Romance” #sorryNOTsorry

  • Think I’m going to smash out my patio and build a new one this spring

Fave areas of the Internet

  • Makers in and around Kansas City

  • Science communicators on YouTube

    • Remember the Saturday morning cartoon ritual? My grown-ass version of that is catching up with all the new uploads from my favorite scicomm YouTube channels. Space and natural history 😍😍😍 Do I use science in my work? Not exactly. I just love learning. Also, if you can communicate to a general audience about PHYSICS?! You are GOOD at your JOB.

  • Snarky library Twitter

    • I do social media & marketing for a volunteer-powered academic library conference so I keep up with all the best libraries, museums, archives, and information agencies on Twitter. Are you really authoritative within your field, but also a little sarcastic? Then you’re my fave account.

  • Strange Planet

    • DON’T YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS YET? Take a break, go catch up. You’re welcome.


Paying Gigs—

Wait, these are all library jobs? Yep! That’s a good thing.

Librarianing: being amazing at finding information, teaching college students and adults, baller customer service, campus communication and relationships, being a team player on projects with like no money, designing curriculum and learning objects, user experience research, assessing programs and services and student learning, organizing everything.


  • Head of Outreach and Engagement, Miller Nichols Library, UMKC
    September 2017 to Present

  • Information Literacy Librarian, Miller Nichols Library, UMKC
    June 2014 to September 2017

  • Teaching and Learning Services Librarian, Miller Nichols Library, UMKC

    March 2013 to May 2014

  • Graduate Library Assistant, Miller Nichols Library, UMKC

    September 2011 to March 2013


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant in Communication Studies, Kansas State University

    2007 to 2009


  • Student Editorial Assistant, The Shocker, Wichita State University Alumni Association



  • Manager, Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park, Derby, KS



Cool Skills—

Things I’m really—not just sort of—good at.

  • Writing

  • How we work

    • A fun interview with my bff and co-queen president of this website/consultancy, Jess.

  • Potter for Peace

    • A feature article for The Shocker, the alumni magazine of Wichita State University. This actually appeared in print. Print! 

  • Principles for Designing Active and Adaptable Onboarding Experiences for Library Employees

    • A chapter I co-wrote for a book about training new team members.

    • Wellemeyer, D., and Williams, J. (2019) Principles for Designing Active and Adaptable Onboarding Experiences for Library Employees. Onboarding 2.0: Methods of Designing and Deploying Effective Onboarding Training for Academic Libraries, Nova Science Publishers.

  • Researching

  • Social media for organizations

  • Instructional design

  • Teaching, presenting, and public speaking

  • Hiring and training

  • Graphic design on a shoestring

  • Web design & editing: WordPress and SquareSpace (uh, hello?)

  • Productivity tools and technologies

  • Leading teams



I’ve got ‘em.

My goal was clearly just to spread my tuition dollars around the Midwest, what can I tell ya?

May 2014          M.A. Communication Studies

                            Kansas State University

May 2013          M.A. Information Science & Learning Technologies

                            University of Missouri

Aug 2007           B.A. Communications

Wichita State University

P.S. If you really want to read EVERYTHING, my curriculum vitae can be viewed here.


Next Steps—

Well. What do you think?

Look. I know I’m not your traditional applicant to a creative agency. But I can say with the confidence of a mediocre white man that I am the person you want to hire. And unlike a mediocre white man, I will show up every day and slay.

You also need to meet me! I know I just told you that I’m a nerd-cool librarian, but I’m also cheerful af; I make friends and fans everywhere I go. Hello Big Idea will benefit from my skills, my personality, and—since we’re being honest—my friendship.

I want to be a part of this team, and you want that, too.

Call me! Scratch that, I’m a millennial. Email me? Okay, you’re the boss, you choose. (I would choose drinks.)


All artwork by OHMEED via DESIGN LOVE FEST. I’ll always raise my glass to attribution.