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Hey, y’all!

One day I’ll have a clever introduction that describes all of the best things about me in a pithy, I-wrote-this-for-the-gram sort of way, but for now here’s a round up of where to find me on the interwebs.

  • LinkedIn

    Does not include my extensive experience as a manager of snow cone stands, my stint as a professional dog runner, nor the 8 years I spent in food service in my youth, most notably at Dolly Patron’s Dixie Stampede.

  • Full curriculum vitae

    Does not include my private pilot’s license credentials nor my volunteer fire fighter service. It does, however, include an exhaustive list of things only people in higher education want to read.

  • Twitter

    It’s mostly giphs, what can I say?

  • How we work

    A fun interview with my bff and co-queen president of this website/consultancy, Dani.

  • Library Hats

    Because we know we’re not the only ones who love libraries and wool baseball caps, dammit. Err, I mean, please buy a hat?

  • What color is your gel pen?

    A nod to gelly roll pens and using interactive content in marketing. Includes psychedelic unicorn giph, you’re welcome.